Our Certified Partners

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Abuja – Nigeria

Nigeria has been our testbed for the Startup Academy and Incubator Program. Our Certified Partners in Abuja have been succesfully running the Startup Academy over 3 years and started 70+ new companies. They are also serving the close by cities of Jos and Kaduna.

Antwerp – Belgium

In Antwerp, Belgium we are working with women who are trapped in the sex trade.  Our goal is to give training and resources to start their own business in order to restore their dignity and hope for their future.

Nicosia – Cyprus

Itzinya Nicosia are focused on starting business with refugees that have come to stay in Cyprus. The island has received many more refugees than they were prepared for in the last years and integration has become a real issue. Access to work is the key to integration and Itzinya is helping refugees develop business from idea to a running business.

Belgrade – Serbia

Belgrade was home to the first pilot of Itzinya in 2014. We have run two rounds of Startup Academies in Belgrade, one more generic and one focused on manufactoring. At the moment we are recalibrating our efforts to find out the best way to serve young people who wants to start business in Belgrade.

Malaga – Spain

Itzinya Malaga provides training for NGO’s working with the refugee community. Currently we have 20 certified facilitators in the region of Malaga ready to start Incubation Programs throughout the region. The work started in 2018 and some companies have started as a result.

Norrkoping – Sweden

We also work with Refugee Incubators. Norrkoping in Sweden was the first experience we had to use the same Incubator Program with some customization to assist refugees from Syria, understand what it takes to start and grow a business in Sweden. This has now spread to several countries in Europe.

Liverpool – UK

Itzinya Liverpool provides Startup Academies for the refugee community as well as for NGO’s in different parts of the world.