Building society,
one entrepreneur at a time.

We are a non-profit organization and need your help to make a difference. We have the tools and the people who can add value but need help with financial resources. Any money added into any of these three programs will be used strictly according to the program description. No gift is too small. Together we can make a difference even with $5 each.

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Make a difference for one entrepreneur with $400 or less
Pay the fee, or part of the fee, for a 3 month Startup Academy for one entrepreneur that has the drive but not the money. Some of the most promising entrepreneurs that really have the drive and maybe even a solid idea when they come to us, cannot afford the Academy fee and we have to say no. We have done all we can to keep the fees affordable and we even sometimes sponsor the entrepreneurs out of our own pockets. This is of course not sustainable. With your help we are able to make sure more of the able, creative and hungry entrepreneurs have a chance to go through the 3 month Startup Academy. A typical Academy fee is around $400 for the three months.

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Make an investment that keeps making a difference over and over again
Invest in one young, promising entrepreneur and help him/her to create jobs for others. After the Startup Academy, we select the most promising entrepreneurs with a validated and scaleable business model to stay on in the Incubator. That is a facility with all the resources they need to build their business until they are ready to move out on their own. That might take 6 months to a couple of years. One of the resources they need is startup capital. We always challenge them to first go to their families and friends, but most of the time they will need to borrow from other sources too. In most poor countries banks do not get involved in loans for startups and this need to be provided from other sources. Through your investment we have created a revolving fund from where we give small short term loans that can grow to larger and larger loans as the entrepreneurs prove their capacity to pay back. A typical loan is from $5 000 – $10 000 over 3 years. The aim for Itzinya is to raise entrepreneurs who build small to mid-size enterprises to create work for many.

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Change the world through placing an Incubator in one more country
You can make a long-term impact by helping us start in a new country or city? Money coming in to this program pays for the whole or part of the cost to establish Itzinya Startup Academy and Incubator in a new city somewhere in the world. We mostly work through local partners to establish Itzinya in their city. The cost of giving professional facilitator and coaching training to our partners and the ongoing support that garantees the quality of our programs is what funds donated to this program enables us to do in a new country or city. Large donations should be comminicated to us as well so we might be able to arrange for a visit to the newly established Itzinya Incubator. The startup of a new city is around $10 000.